As we all know, if we don't learn from mistakes --ours or other people's-- we are liable to repeat them. But the remarkable fact is that we don't learn about some of our most important national and international mistakes --and catastrophes-- in school, nor do we hear about them on television. And often much of what we do hear about them is untrue.

The films on this disk give only a cursory account of the events they look at. One way you can find out more about them is via the online Viewer's Guide on this website.

I'm one of the participants in these Dialogues, as well as the filmmaker. And the Dialogues were conceived with YOU, the viewer, in mind as a participant, along with the on-screen interviewees, and myself. You are invited to videotape your thoughts, questions, and comments, and send them to me (via snailmail) for inclusion in future video dialogues. Click here for guidelines for videotaping .

These films are mainly about things that went wrong, or that might have gone wrong --or that might still go wrong. But what about making things go right? I think the most important question facing Americans at this time is: what can we, as citizens, DO to shape America's future? How can we prevent future "deadly mistakes"?

What can we do to keep America free? Or rather, to make America more free, and to make it more safe and more just, and at peace with rest of the world, and with the Earth itself?

These are questions many people have given a lot of thought to, and they are the subject of the next video dialogues. Click here for a Portal to Social Change .

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