North country mountain forest setting of Green World Center Study Retreat
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Green World Center Study and Sabbatical Retreat 
Sutton, Quebec

Director and resident teacher:
Walter Miale

Adjunct faculty:
Noam Chomsky, Jane Goodall, Marie-Françoise Guédon, David Phillips, Marcus Raskin, John Robbins, Boria Sax, Lois Siegel

Students, teachers, scholars, and artists at the Study Retreat have an opportunity:

• to live close to nature in a thinly populated region of mountain forest, and to utilize this north country environment in creative study;
• to engage in self-directed, interdisciplinary study
in the following fields:

  • environmental civics
  • human ecology
  • literature and philosophy
  • cinema, photography, and image
  • peace studies
  • animals and society
  • anthropology
  • nature writing
  • environmental education  

• to do some guided (for students, and for others who wish guidance) reading and writing in a tutorial situation that allows them to pace themselves and to find time and a structure for reflection and self-discovery.
... In other words, students have considerable freedom to set their own work schedule, and they will be encouraged and helped to develop the skills of self-discipline that will enable them to work with a minimum of stress and pressure; teachers and scholars in residence will find their own mix of study and retreat;

• to plug into, and participate in, the Center's ongoing research, writing, film, and multi-media production activities; (see Deadly Mistakes, Visions of Primeval North America, and Hello Haiti...)

Lake Mohawk, near Green World Center Study retreat
Lake Mohawk in winter, an
hour walk from the Center

Lake Mohawk, near Green World Center Study Retreat - spring
Lake Mohawk in Spring

Beaver dam - near Green World Center Study Retreat
Beaver dam, a ten-minute walk
from the Center

• to explore media of artistic expression, in an environment conducive to creativity;

• to examine themselves and consider their plans for the future;

A core concern at the Retreat is the relation of theory to practice. Integral to the curriculum for students are:

• clarification of values and goals;
• career planning;

• the social implications and consequences of theoretical study;
• practical civics.

There are no set terms. The Retreat is offered year round, and students and others can come any time for stays of any length. Teachers, academic faculty, artists, and adults wishing to continue their education are welcome, as well as students over the age of 18 and, if accompanied by a parent, children and students under the age of 18.

Study is primarily on a tutorial basis with Dr. Walter Miale, the Center director. Adjunct faculty members may be available for consultation by phone or e-mail. In addition, we will visit and consult with other scholars, artists, and public citizens in the region.

The program will be of particular interest to those who want:
  • a break from the academic routine
  • to direct their own studies
  • to develop skills of self-discipline for study in a low pressure environment
  • to learn how to bring their convictions to bear on the world, either
  • through their careers or through civic activity
  • to pursue studies in the
  • fields offered
  • to live close to nature, or to photograph, videotape,
  • paint, or write about nature
  • to hike or ski or snowshoe or climb
  • mountains, or to watch birds or track animals
  • to make use of a library of books and recorded music 
Abbie Hoffman room of Green World Center Study Retreat
The Abbie Hoffman room
"Cozy and filled with poetry books."

Rates are surprisingly afforable. For rates, for further information, or to apply, contact us.

Noam Chomsky is a linguist, political philosopher, and activist.
Jane Goodall is a primatologist, author, and humanitarian.
Marie-Françoise Guédon is an anthropologist and Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa. Her books, articles, and workshops focus on shamanism, native Indian traditions and philosophy, and intercultural communication.
David Phillips is the executive director of Earth Island Institute, and is the director of its International Marine Mammal Project.
Marcus Raskin is an author and political philosopher and was the co-founder of the Institute for Policy Studies.
Boria Sax is a scholar, educator, and author of numerous publications, including three books on animals in literature and society.
John Robbins is the founder of EarthSave, and is the author of Diet for a New America.
Lois Siegel is a film-maker and instructor in film-making at the University of Ottawa.

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