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Noam Chomsky in the Democracy Film Workshop
Democracy Dialogues
Reg Davidson in Visions of Primeval North America
Visions of Primeval North America
terrorism victims in Hello Haiti...
Hello Haiti...

Viewer Comments

On Visions of Primeval North America
by Walter and Diana Miale

Thom Henley,
Director of Rediscovery International Foundation

"Stunningly beautiful"
Peter Furst,
curator at the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania

Student co-host of show presented at Adirondack Community College

Robert Hunter,
co-founder and former President of Greenpeace

"The most innovative treatment of native Indian visual material
since Edward Curtis" nearly a century ago

George MacDonald,
Executive Director, the Canadian Museum of Civilization

"I believe this outstanding presentation will have a tremendous appeal to a very wide general public, while at the same time being of considerable interest to educators, conservationists, ecologists, and other professionals in related fields.
"I have no doubt but that this work will have an important influence on the way people think about their own lives and about the future of this planet."

Jane Goodall

Student Environmental Action Coalition Coordinator, University of New Hampshire

"The music was great and the pictures were spectacular."
Robyn Pride, host of presentation at U of Maine

Student host of presentation at Brown University

"The beautiful photographs admirably convey the greatness
and mystery of the Northwest Coast forest."

Claude Levi-Strauss,
author of Tristes Tropiques, Structural Anthropology, The Savage Mind, The Raw and the Cooked

"An incredible presentation."
Mat Patry, Director of Student Activities, Lyndon State College

On Hello Haiti...

"Heartbreaking, elegant, silently eloquent..."
The Reverend Daniel Berrigan, SJ

On Deadly Miatakes?

"A brilliant and extraordinary work on public policy. DEADLY MISTAKES? tells about current history which most people have forgotten, or never knew. This is an essential work for young people."
Marcus Raskin, co-founder, Institue for Policy Studies

"The DVD's and the Viewer Guide should be in every school in the country."
Peter Davis, the director of the Academy Award winning Hearts and Minds

"The Viewer Guide is an excellent resource, which should be of great value to those who hope to explore beyond the surface and to find out more about critical issues in the real world, as they are perceived and interpreted from varied perspectives. A very impressive contribution."
Noam Chomsky

"Lucid and powerful, Deadly Mistakes? draws on an extraordinary variety of sources. It is certainly one of the most concise and lively treatments of American foreign policy I have seen."
Howard Zinn

"A very important, very valuable work. The films and book tell Americans things we all need to know, but few do. These dialogues with people who shaped policy or made history help lay the groundwork for the education of the next generation of Americans. They will be extremely useful for teachers in both high school and college who want to offer material to their students that is relevant to today's world. DEADLY MISTAKES? will be eye-opening for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of current events."
Grace Paley

“The words and portraits of American senior policy makers and generals are alternately shocking, outrageous, heartbreaking, and enlightening. This unique video invites and challenges viewers to step into the action, to have their say, and to take part in determining America's future. If enough Americans see it and take part in these Democracy Dialogues, it will move the country toward sanity and peace.”
Mark Achbar, the director of The Corporation


Deadly Mistakes?

Filmmaker Walter Miale introduces and presents some short films from his DVD, Deadly Mistakes?, on catastrophes of American foreign policy, featuring and clips of interviews with former cabinet members and senior intelligence officials, four-star generals, admirals, intellectual luminaries, conservatives, liberals, dissidents, activists, students, and citizens. BOOK THE PROGRAM

Visions of
Primeval North America

Visions of Primeval North America was shot in the far northwest of Canada. It features masked dancing in wild natural settings by distinguished Indian artists.

This multimedia slide show introduces audiences to the spirit quest, or vision quest, which has been practiced for millennia throughout much of the world. Visions presents the philosophical landscape of the ancient continent, and the tragic state of the remains of the North American forest. The slide show is followed by a workshop on environmental citizenship, which deals with practical ways people can bring their convictions to bear on environmental and social issues. BOOK THE PROGRAM

Hello Haiti... This slide show presents an introduction to the tragic history of Haiti and the United States, and then focuses on families of victims of the Tonton Macoute death squads, and on the international matrix of responsibility. Hello Haiti... is also available as a book. BOOK THE PROGRAM
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